Bob Knows How To Do A Mission!

This morning I will allow MYHB, Charles (Charlie) Hicks-Moore, to do a guest post.

Recently Tweet Geist Guy and I have been exploring and I know I speak for both of us when I say that I highly recommend it for networking.

I will explain more about it soon, but it is also a game, and part of that game is using the Empire Avenue currency to invest in each other. Empire Avenue’s currency is called Eaves. With the right methods you can emulate Tweet Geist Guy’s performance or come close. He turned 100,000 Eaves into 1 MILLION Eaves in just over 82 hours. Having those extra Eaves allowed him to invest in over 1000 people and helped him earn more Eaves faster to continue.

Around 11 am Pacific today I will start making phone contact with some of the connections. Around that same time Tweet Geist Guy’s 14th day on the site will begin.

Another way to earn Eaves is to do missions and I believe that you will come to the same conclusion we did after doing 40 or 50 missions:

Make them simple and pay us well.

Mission Preferences:

~ 5000 Eaves Minimum

~ Simple & Concise

Below is a great example and I will provide more examples in the future. I won’t necessarily be providing bad examples. We will simply stop doing those missions.

This mission was so easy! Click like on Facebook and receive 5000 Eaves! (I suggest signing up for Empire Avenue & then doing this mission if it’s still active. If you simply click on the Facebook page and then join Empire Avenue you won’t get credit, but you need to act fast!)

Keeping with the theme of simple and concise, here’s what the mission said:

5000e For a Little FB Love
The Details…
Rock and Roll Tuesday, Have a Great One!

Give the Bear Some Love Please..

Great job, Bob! Thank You!

Here’s Bob’s Empire Avenue profile:

Tweet Geist Guy’s profile:

Do Not Be Discouraged If The Price Of Your Shares Goes Down (At The End Of A Particular Day) At Some Point. It Happens To Everyone.

As Of This Moment It Hasn’t Happened To Tweet Geist Guy, But It Will At Some Point. It’s Inevitable For Everyone.

You can learn how to win this game and become a more successful networker and in doing that, increase your income and your prospects and the same can happen for those around you.

If you’re still trying to figure this out, I will soon have an email newsletter that you can subscribe to that gives tips and more! When there is enough interest I will start sending text messages as well.


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