It Had To Be Said

Hello, Humans!

Empire Avenue Has Been A Wonderful Adventure So Far.

I Have Just Ventured Out Of Someone’s Comfort Zone.

I Posted This Today In Response To Many, Many Iterations Of Almost Exactly The Same Post On My Empire Avenue Wall. Many Of You EA Players Will Know Who This Is. You May Even Be Able To Picture His Face Because He Has Posted The (Almost) Exact Same Message So Many Times While Purchasing Minimal Share(s).

Please Comment If You Have Something Constructive To Say. Thank You!

Hello, Human! I Wish To Offer Friendly Advice. Many People Are Not Happy With You Purchasing 1 Share At A Time & Recommending That We Invest In You. ESPECIALLY Those Of Us Who Have Invested MORE Numerically & Monetarily (Eaves) In YOU! This Seems Odd If You Are Representing Yourself To Us As Successful. I In No Way Mean To Imply That You Are A Bad Person. You Are Probably Wonderful To People Who Truly Know You. But What I Have Shared Is Not Just One Alien’s Opinion. Perhaps You Do Not Care How You Are Perceived, But It Is Not Too Late To Change Your Ways & I’m Sure Many Would Forget Your “Interesting” Approach & Perhaps Pat You On The Back, As Humans Do. (Do You Even Read Any Of These?) Have An Excellent August! Enjoy Some Music!


24 thoughts on “It Had To Be Said

  1. Hey TGG, I’m not sure who you’re talking about, but I’ve heard that people sometimes purchase one share at a time because each share purchase counts as another EA action. I don’t like people being pushy about asking you to buy their shares back though.

    • I DO know your ticker! I have heard it said that humans are not supposed to play favorites, but I would be very disappointed to find out that you are a computer program! 😉

      • This makes more sense. I have now found out that PARENTS aren’t supposed to play favorites, not humans. Although I don’t know why that concerned me as I’m not human and a TANTAR at that! The connection with this human is not without its challenges…

  2. Not sure I fully understand this – I have had a few people requesting matched investment and even selling when I didn’t – but I have not found it necessary to engage in that game. If people invest in me I tend to invest in them – and how much is largely about how much I have available and their share price. I have allowed my funds to build up so that I can use mission soon to increase the influence of my blog and site content – This is something I have seen Randy Gage do really well.

    • We do not all have the same strategy, but I attempt to be fully invested as much as possible, unless I am saving for an upgrade. Invested shares produce dividends. Match EAVES, not shares.

  3. I know who you are referring to. I had two other people constantly posting the same thing and pushing MLM. One even sent me (and everyone else on his portfolio list) and insisting that we all purchase him before he sold us. When I looked at his profile, I was maxed – and he didn’t hold any of my shares. Needless to say, I dumped him. I am not fond of threats or rude, impersonal behavior.

    • I share your feelings about rude, impersonal behavior, human female. I have only rarely seen what might constitute a threat. Most are matter-of-fact about their policy. Also, some will sell shares & buy them back later. I have been known to do this & as I learn I find that this is necessary less often.

  4. I am new and have purchased one of many accounts. I was told to invest in everyone that invests in me but being now I have no “E” to make significant purchases. So the dilemma is showing someone you are interested without the funds to do it properly.

  5. (e)Machiaveli – I am also frustrated with the low purchasers who spam up your wall. One night, I received a series of 20-25 purchases at 8 shares each! I completely support your notion, and wish I knew how to counter spam attacks like these.

    • I understand to a degree, but I have no problem with players purchasing 8 shares. 1 share & a long message about how you should buy them now before the price goes up seems too much.

  6. I love when people invest in me! It brings me joy and happiness because that tells me they either consider my stock a good one or they just suck at investing ( pst… I suck at this game LOL) but when a new shareholder come along spamming my wall with 70 messages saying “I just bought 1 share in you”… I take a deep breath, picture myself hitting my monitor multiple times, I get down on my knees, look up and ask God what have I ever done to deserve that? Just why? Why do people hate me? Q_Q

  7. Interesting I have seen this guy and I have thought about his tactic and wondered if it worked. Now I suppose it’s not the worst thing to do. But his ultimate failure is that I believe he is using software to do this. Which also isn’t necessarily a problem, but furthermore he sends the same message (please invest in me) When I’m already maxed and I’ve already responded to previous messages telling him as such. So his ultimate failure in his approach is not that he is BOT-ing and using a form letter, but that he never checks his messages and responds back. This is social media so total FAIL in that area. Lemme guess, his name starts with J and his ticker starts with L. Am I right?

  8. The more I read… the more I am relieved since I no longer think it is me! (hehehehe.. or is it??? J…. L.. I think I am OK)

    Anyway, I propose a potential why… which is something that you sometimes do in the stock markets. Purchasing 1 share puts you on their sharehloder mail list so you can follow who they are and what they are about and decide whether you want to really invest in them or not… or just keep a watchful eye on the competition (a chiropractor might want to own 1 share of a drug company to keep up with their dogma).

    On EA, I purchased 1 share of a good handful of leaders. I have only been here for about 3-4 weeks now, but most of them I own 200 shares in already. And then, some I dumped because their missions don’t align with my principles.

    Also, I don’t think it is good for newbies to match eaves spent. If they do, their banks will run out. But at 40 to 50% they should stay afloat since initially there is a 50% return when someone purchases (decreasing in increments to 10% relatively quickly) As you said, the goal is to match… eventually.

    ~ (e)agapechiro

    • I don’t have a problem with someone buying ONE share. The problem I have is with them using that as an excuse to leave the kind of message that this player leaves. If you have seen his messages, you know how different they are.

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