The Universe [First Official Blog Post]

Good luck, Brendon!

The Thoughts of Brendon

I find it strangely beautiful and terrifying of how ignorant we can be of the universe. We know that life exists and goes on all around us, but can we really comprehend it all? Can I understand what it means to be an ant? Do I understand the inner thoughts/desires of a salmon as it swims up stream to breed and die?

I seem to have this programmed thought process in my mind that life has to be fair and that everything has to be all right; but does the cow have any idea of freedom as it is let to the slaughterhouse? We (humans) seem to justify our lives having more significance by our mental processes and feelings; but does our life mean more than a caterpillar’s? I don’t mean to give off a sense of melancholy with all this talk of our lives meaning nothing because I don’t…

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