Alastair’s Photo Fiction – The Terrible Weapon – 04-28-13

Great job, Human! Sadly, you may be correct.

Momus News

Each week, Alastair Forbes presents an photo to write a Flash Fiction story based upon the image. The goal is to write a story 150 words in length, although the word police will not show up at the door if anyone goes over the limit. Alastair claims this much at least. His original image can be found here. Anyone is encouraged to join in. My story begins below the image.

Genre: Science Fiction, Humor
Word Count: 150

The Terrible Weapon

“From here, Earth’s defenses were crushed.” The tour guide indicated the building behind her.

A child, raised a manipulator above her eye stalks and asked, “They directed our invasion forces from here?”

“No, the Earthers were quite warlike. We could not have defeated them militarily. Instead, we used their primary communication medium, ‘The Internet,’ to convince them their planet could not be warmed by artificial means,” explained the guide…

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