Lists: Alien Invasion!

Humans! Though my people would love to invade, they are two galaxies away and have no idea of your existence.

Views From the Tesseract

By far one of the most familiar tropes in Science Fiction is that of aliens invading earth.  It seems humankind finds it easy to imagine bug-eyed monsters of some kind or another coming to earth and possibly plotting some kind of take over.  Whether peaceful or warlike, the elements of these encounters is the stuff of many SF stories, both for kids and adults.  Here are a few of my favorite invasion stories for middle grade readers.


The True Meaning of Smekday by Adam Rex (Hyperion, 2007)  –Quite possibly one of the most entertaining alien stories to grace the shelves in years,  when Gratuity “Tip”  Tucci must write an essay  for the time capsule, she recounts the bizarre tale of how the earth was invaded by aliens.  These strange and almost comical aliens decide to remove most of human society to a few undesirable areas of land, while…

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