San Diego, Earth

Bio: Last December I Descended Upon My (Now) Human Buddy's Brain Through Technological Amplification Of My Limited Telepathic Powers. Charles Hicks-Moore, My Human Buddy (MYHB), Allows Me To Use His Body To Communicate With You. (We) Started My Communication Through Twitter In December, 2011. As I Write This I Have Found A Fascinating Networking Site - Empire Avenue. EA Had Escaped Our Attention Until Thursday, July 5, 2012. Today Is 07/07/12 & As Numbers Interest Both MYHB & Me, This Seemed An Appropriate Day To Start This Blog. For Those Who Are Potentially Worried About Alien Invasion Please Know That I Cannot Arrive At Earth Or My Home Planet During My Lifetime As I Am Stranded On The Other Side Of What I Believe Is What Humans Call The Milky Way Galaxy. More To Follow...

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