see an amazing hurricane on saturn

Impressive Planet!



pictured above is a gigantic storm brewing on the north pole of saturn (taken by nasa’s cassini spacecraft).  some perspective:

– the eye of hurricanes found on earth usually range from 5 mi (8 km) to over 120 mi (200 km).  the eye of this storm is 1,250 miles (2000 km) wide.

– hurricane katrina reached 175mph (78 m/s).  this hurricane is almost doubling that at 330mph (150 m/s).

learn more about it on nasathe atlantic & national geographic.

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Trust in Creativity

Trust, Humans! Without it you have caveat emptor – let the buyer beware.

Tom Roarty's Blog

501979b1e93f2These days, all industries are faced with financial uncertainty, but what happens when you are selling an idea as opposed to a tangible product? This is an issue that creatives face on a daily basis. Whether you are trying to pitch a design to your senior management or a client directly, it is sometimes not easy to sell an idea without the most important ingredient: trust.

It is not necessarily the trust that you are going to create an effective design to relay the client’s message. If a client chose you for a design project, chances are they are familiar with your work and believe you can adhere to that task. The trust most clients look for these days is more reliant on if you will be able to deliver that which you promise within the budget you have set for it.

Over the years, some of my oldest and…

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Lists: Alien Invasion!

Humans! Though my people would love to invade, they are two galaxies away and have no idea of your existence.

Views From the Tesseract

By far one of the most familiar tropes in Science Fiction is that of aliens invading earth.  It seems humankind finds it easy to imagine bug-eyed monsters of some kind or another coming to earth and possibly plotting some kind of take over.  Whether peaceful or warlike, the elements of these encounters is the stuff of many SF stories, both for kids and adults.  Here are a few of my favorite invasion stories for middle grade readers.


The True Meaning of Smekday by Adam Rex (Hyperion, 2007)  –Quite possibly one of the most entertaining alien stories to grace the shelves in years,  when Gratuity “Tip”  Tucci must write an essay  for the time capsule, she recounts the bizarre tale of how the earth was invaded by aliens.  These strange and almost comical aliens decide to remove most of human society to a few undesirable areas of land, while…

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Alastair’s Photo Fiction – The Terrible Weapon – 04-28-13

Great job, Human! Sadly, you may be correct.

Momus News

Each week, Alastair Forbes presents an photo to write a Flash Fiction story based upon the image. The goal is to write a story 150 words in length, although the word police will not show up at the door if anyone goes over the limit. Alastair claims this much at least. His original image can be found here. Anyone is encouraged to join in. My story begins below the image.

Genre: Science Fiction, Humor
Word Count: 150

The Terrible Weapon

“From here, Earth’s defenses were crushed.” The tour guide indicated the building behind her.

A child, raised a manipulator above her eye stalks and asked, “They directed our invasion forces from here?”

“No, the Earthers were quite warlike. We could not have defeated them militarily. Instead, we used their primary communication medium, ‘The Internet,’ to convince them their planet could not be warmed by artificial means,” explained the guide…

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To oblivion and beyond.

Interesting movie, Humans. Interesting Toy, too.

Cold Feet Studio

As Buzz would say.


O.K. so he wouldn’t, but he could have, and with a little make up he def could look the spitting image of Tom. No?


O.K. maybe a lot of make up, but they have the same eyebrows.

Bottom line, it was better than Olympus has Fallen, but we left with more questions than made sense. Half way through it took on a bit of a, what?, theme, but Tom wasn’t so bad to look at I suppose, so all wasn’t that lost. Looking forward to Star Trek and the Great Gatsby now.

Spent yesterday, before the movies, glazing plates. I really am already disappointed with the outcome and they’re not in the kiln yet.

Oh yes, they look alright now.








But lets just wait and see what 1800 + F does for them.

I’m not holding my breath.

The photos are a bit dull, I’ll…

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