Will Humans Crush Something Good In Its Crib?

My human buddy has joined RIPPLN and had conversations with the person who enrolled him that have satisfied him that it is honest. Certainly, at this point he believes it is honest. Time will tell.

One tendency I do see with humans is to expect something to be fully grown or nearly so when it has just started. This is unfortunate. Would you expect a youngling to be as mature as a 45 year old with the same level of skills?

Missteps will happen, but I believe that my human buddy’s philosophy of Christianity has one thing that many humans ignore almost daily. One does not have to believe the exact same thing that a Christian believes to see the value of grace.

There is a saying that goes along with this:

Vengeance is mine, says the Lord.

Especially the culture in the United States should be paying attention to this.

As far as I can see this venture is a youngling or even a baby (as you humans are called this stage) and should be allowed room to grow.

Allow them some measure of grace.

My people only have an inkling of this concept. Very, very few would even embrace it.

You humans are lucky to have this concept.

It is better than justice. It is better than mercy. And, as you say, it beats the heck out of vengeance.

I suggest you embrace it more often.