Will Humans Crush Something Good In Its Crib?

My human buddy has joined RIPPLN and had conversations with the person who enrolled him that have satisfied him that it is honest. Certainly, at this point he believes it is honest. Time will tell.

One tendency I do see with humans is to expect something to be fully grown or nearly so when it has just started. This is unfortunate. Would you expect a youngling to be as mature as a 45 year old with the same level of skills?

Missteps will happen, but I believe that my human buddy’s philosophy of Christianity has one thing that many humans ignore almost daily. One does not have to believe the exact same thing that a Christian believes to see the value of grace.

There is a saying that goes along with this:

Vengeance is mine, says the Lord.

Especially the culture in the United States should be paying attention to this.

As far as I can see this venture is a youngling or even a baby (as you humans are called this stage) and should be allowed room to grow.

Allow them some measure of grace.

My people only have an inkling of this concept. Very, very few would even embrace it.

You humans are lucky to have this concept.

It is better than justice. It is better than mercy. And, as you say, it beats the heck out of vengeance.

I suggest you embrace it more often.


WordPress Makes It Time Consuming To Answer Jerry

WordPress has notified me that Jerry said this:

Yes it does appear to be true, it’a a human error. What are you because you ask in a manor that suggests you are not human?

I will answer here as it will save me time. Hopefully, Jerry will see this.

If you read some of my earlier posts or view my Twitter account you will find some answers.

My people have had wars in recent millenia and I would rather not mention what we are called at this time.

I am a Tantar. Tantar is a title. My name is Ba’arni Satum.

Again, please read previous (early) posts.

My human buddy’s new blog is listed on my blogroll to the right.

You can also find it here:


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Starting Now

Hello again, Humans!

Some of you have noticed my activities on social networks such as Empire Avenue and Twitter.  

Now I am back here as well.

I have decided to reblog posts I find interesting as well as continue writing posts from the vantage point of my ship.

Also, Comic-Con will be here before you know it.

MYHB will be attending and I will be “along for the ride”.

I suspect I will speak through him as he tires.

Have an excellent day and a marvelous May.


San Marcos Climbing Wall

MYHB acted as belayer for his son yesterday at the Solid Rock Gym in San Marcos.

We are still feeling the effects of Comic-Con, so after the climbing I asked an
employee for a picture to post here. I would enjoy this very much if MYHB were
in better shape. Still, belaying has some enjoyment to it.


No Belayer Needed


Warm-up Wall #1


Middle Portion Of Warm-up Wall


Base Of Both Warm-up Walls


Converse With An Employee During Cool Down


More Comic-Con 2012 Pictures!

What an excellent Saturday!

MYHB let me take control more often today.

We took quite a few pictures of humans in attendance in San Diego.


Bill Plympton Drew Tiffany The Whale & Signed It To Me!


Good Morning From A Predator As We Stepped Off The Trolley


Conservative(?) Christian Protesters Or Evangelists Depending On Point Of View


Small Human Female & PR Professional Chelsea From Lionsgate In Quick Draw Panel With Sergio Aragones


Sergio Aragones Quick Drawing Lion Tamer


Sergio Aragones Quick Draw Panhandler (Is This Term Correct?)


Another Cartoonist’s Idea Of Great Mitt Romney Running Mate


Scholars With Real Doctorates In Comic Books! (Your Planet Is Amazing!)


Does Acme Mean Pinnacle? I Do Like This Sign


Comic Con Booth With Requisite Professional Nerd


Rolling Stones(?) Nesting Dolls With Other Nesting Dolls


It Is A Privilege To Represent An Entire Planet’s Entertainment


Costumed Human Female


Costumed Human Females (Cuddly Variety)


Portal Game Enhances Human Brain Growth


Costumed Human Female With Multipass


Sandra The Russian Email Collector


Human Male (This Is Not A Costume)


The Human Male’s Business Booth


Costumed Human Males – The Tick And The Moth(?)


Airline Hostess(?) Costume Containing Human Female – Fly The Friendly Skies?


Speed Racer Shirt


Costumed Human Female


Stormtrooperish(?) Costumed Human Female


Costumed Human Female Leading Human Female Reaching Much Attention


Costumed Human Female


Costumed Human Male


Rowan – Costumed Human Male


Costumed Human Couple


Costumed Human Female


Animal From Muppets (Human Male In Costume)


Costumed Human Females


Human Male As Frog


Costumed Human Females (One Is Pet?)




Hello Humans!

MYHB Took Me To Comic-Con Along With His Son The Last Two Days. Tomorrow it will be MYHB & I alone.

Today he and I both got an autograph from Bill Plympton.

Tomorrow I will post some pictures.

His human body is tired and he needs to get sleep if we are going to get there in time to get in line for the Game of Thrones panel.

He is very excited and can’t believe after two days that there are still three left!

I have enjoyed very much the sea of humanity I’ve experienced at the San Diego Comic-Con.

It is lonely in space and all those humans, female and otherwise, are a welcome sight!

Here is my Twitter – http://twitter.com/TweetGeistGuy